Completed a Kima qualifier? Entries now open! - Trofeo Kima

Completed a Kima qualifier? Entries now open!

Hillary Gerardi, 2018 winner ©Maurizio Torri

The wait is over. On Friday, December 1st, Trofeo Kima opens the exclusive entry window for the 200 finishers from the two official qualifying races held in 2023 – Livigno Skymarathon and Grigne Skymarathon. There are 100 places reserved, which will be allocated regardless of the finishing position achieved at the qualifying round. In this case, those who are quickest to hit submit on their entry will have a higher chance of securing a number.

The remaining 150 entries will be released on Friday, 12th January. As in 2022, these entries will have to meet Kima’s now-standard criteria: those with an eye on racing the epic race will have to prove that they’ve completed relevant races and have a minimum number of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women). The race organisers are therefore banking on a mix of experience and proven performances.

What other dates do you need to know? Put Saturday, 24th August in your diary, with Sunday, 25th August as the bad-weather contingency plan.

“This pilot project, which has begun with Livigno Skymarathon and Grigne Skymarathon as a way to create a genuine series of first-rate events with courses that capture the pure adrenaline of skyrunning, has been met with really encouraging feedback. Both events were sold out,” says Ilde Marchetti, president of Associazione Kima. “The idea was put forward by the great athlete Marco de Gasperi and we immediately agreed. Through these competitions, the aim is to safeguard the technical nature of skyrunning, and communicate its DNA with videos and images that are truly jaw-dropping. We see it as a way to inspire whole new generations of skyrunners. It’s about reflecting the sport’s roots in a modern manner. These races won’t be for everyone, but everyone can still be part of them. Skyrunning is something worth preserving. We’ve currently selected two races in Italy, but in the future we’ll be selecting other international events out of those that have been put forward.”

When it comes to the two entry windows, Marchetti has this to say: “It won’t be easy to get hold of a race for the coolest and most spectacular event in the Alps. It takes a whole lot of experience and a certain number of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women). There are only 350 race spots available, and we received more than 2,000 requests from across the world. All finishers from the 2023 edition of the Livigno Skymarathon and Grigne Skymarathon will be able to bypass the lottery and go straight to the entry portal. What matters in their case is how quickly they get their entry in rather when they crossed the line in Livigno and Pasturo. At 9:00 on Friday, December 1st, the entry portal on will be official open until December 31st. Spaces are limited so don’t hang around.”

One final clarification from Marchetti: “We’ve had to increase the price slightly to €95 – plus an additional €5 for those who are not Fisky members. We want to be transparent about that fact that while the fee has remained the same since 2012, the substantial hikes in administrative fees means we’ve had to introduce this change. We want athletes to know that we’re not doing this ‘to make money’, but simply to ensure that we’re able to create an event that’s better than ever to satisfy every single participant.”

As of tomorrow – Friday, 1st December – what has long been a dream for many skyrunners could become a reality.