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The Kima Association

The Kima Association is a non-profit organisation launched on August 5, 1994 in Val Masino, Sondrio, Italy, created to remember “Kima”, Pierangelo Marchetti, an alpine guide and rmember of the Alpine Rescue Service, who died on July 8 during a rescue.

The birth of the Association was set up to remember his solidarity and selfless contribution which distinguished him, in life and death: giving his own life to save another.

His friends wanted to give life to his dreams, gathered from the numerous ideas that Pierangelo left behind – ambitions and aspirations from a man endowed with a robust inner strength and a great spirit of solidarity, motivated by a deep love of the mountains, principles experienced in person by every family member, the town, his friends and work.

During the summer of ’94 audio-visual projects were screened to promote Val Masino to tourists, after which, on January 6, 1995, the first Kima event was organised with a background of an artificial ice wall illuminated by torches at night, mulled wine and alpine choirs. The enormous attendance by the public was instrumental in giving birth to the “Grande Corsa sul Sentiero Roma”, one of Pierangelo’s dreams. The“Grande Corsa sul Sentiero Roma” was later to take his name and became the “Kima Trophy”.

The Kima Association also aims to create awareness of various organisations and bodies involved in mountain rescue with the goal to improve safety standards to avoid that a rescuer dies in bringing help to others.

Other activities of the Association include the organisation of thematic evenings, conventions, exhibitions and charity events.