Entries - Trofeo Kima

Entries 2022

Trofeo Kima

From May 1 to May 31 the entries will reopen to the reach the maximum of 300 people.

To register, a CV certifying experience and performance is required: you will be required to have completed a series of qualified races and have a minimum of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women).

After July 20, cancellations will not be refunded.

Kima Extreme SkyRace®

Entries open for 300 athletes until Thurday, August 25 at 23:59.

Entry fees:

€35 until May 31
€50 from May 31 to August 25

Race bag is available for the first 250 entries

Open to men and women 20 years of age or more.

A medical certificate stating that the participant is fit to practice endurance sport is required. Entry requests will be vetted based on skyrunning CV: at least a skyrace in the 2021/2022.

Kima Trail & Mini Kima

Entry fees:

€10 until August 20
€15 from August 21 to race day. It’s possible to enter on site on race day.